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Paintings by Zabrina Fine Art

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Zabrina is an Indiana Girl living in Portland, Oregon, for 19 years and she misses the wild Midwest summer thunderstorms with all her heart.

Growing up in a family of talented creatives, artistic pursuits were always encouraged. In 2006, Zabrina became the first woman in her family to earn a college degree (B.S. Painting and Drawing from Portland State University). Today, she continues to benefit from the generous influence and inspiration of her many working artist friends and contemporaries.

She paints in acrylics, occasionally adds in mixed media, and loves to experiment with color and compositional tension.

Lately, she draws inspiration from the theme of power —

the power of love,
the power of the fierce feminine,
the power of the natural world,
the power of perseverance, mystery, mythos and beauty,
the power of facing the darkness with light.

She loves to explore the nostalgia of small everyday trinkets that carry power in the tender meaning we give to them.

For the last nine years, Zabrina has been working to recover from health challenges related to her central nervous system. While it slowed her body and sometimes her sunny outlook, it did not slow her inspiration.

Even when she can’t see the light, Zabrina is always looking for it…

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